Brio Direct, a division of Webster Bank

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Brio Direct, a division of Webster Bank ACH Number: 221970443

Online Rates - March 2, 2024

Your current location is: Ashburn, VA

Money that you deposit is held by Webster Bank, National Association. Webster Bank, National Association is an FDIC insured institution founded in 1870. It has approximately $73.06 billion in assets.

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General Information of the Parent Bank

FDIC Insured Yes
Insured Parent Bank Webster Bank, National Association
FDIC Certificate # 18221
Date Established 1870
Assets $73.06 billion
Loans $49.50 billion
Deposits $60.72 billion
Capital $8.66 billion

Customer Reviews for Brio Direct, a division of Webster Bank (11)

Rated 1.27 stars out of 5 - based on 11 reviews
  • Absolutely the worst bank imaginable. I thought my mind was playing tricks on me, but no it is basically a fraud on the public.

    Review on the Parent Bank
  • I stuck it out for a while but finally closed my account because of lack of rate competitiveness. It is impossible to overstate what a shit organization this place is. Going back to Synchrony which is also bad. Should have done this earlier.

  • Brio is committing open fraud by advertising one savings rate and delivering another to long-time customers. I have filed a complaint with the OCC.

  • Provides a level of service and nonsense which would never be acceptable from a brick-and-mortar bank so it doesn't work for an online bank either.

    Review on the Parent Bank
  • One to avoid the entire way around.

    Review on the Parent Bank
  • I moved all my money out as saving rates are for new customers only. Website is terrible,

    Review on the Parent Bank
  • First the good: CSR is immediate and the young ladies who answer the phone are incredibly nice. Then the bad: Just about everything else- changing rates only for new customers, 6 day transfer delays (easily defeated through external transfers, but why?), website that looks like a 1st graders project, etc. I love the rate, even though they are not always competitive, but I've decided that I cannot trust my money to them. (and I can beat these rates in US Treasuries anyway).

    Review on the Parent Bank
  • I've been an account holder since the spring. I went through the period where they changed the name and only gave the new rate to new customers or those opening a new account. I only caught it because of ratesandinfo and would have been still earning 2.15% had it not been for this site (I imagine many are still only catching it now). I had to call once for some info or something and CSR was helpful. So that is all fine. What really gets me though is the transfer delays and the crappy website. With this, I have this alternating feeling that I have either dealing with some well-intentioned jokers in a back room in Queens or some con artists in downtown Brooklyn. I don't really want to stick around to find out for an extra 0.15%.

    Review on the Parent Bank
  • Do not open an account with this bank. They are still charging exorbitant fees for more than 6 withdrawals per statement cycle, even though those rules have been suspended by the US treasury. Brio's cycle is from the 15th of the month. Everything counts, including trial deposits. Got me for $60 and then when I called and complained they offered to split the difference. Find a different online bank!

    Review on the Parent Bank
  • Hello! I opened an account at this bank a few months ago when it was the best rate around. I was pissed when they raised rates for new customers and left me at 2.15% but that was corrected with a call. Then yesterday, we were speaking about these online accounts in the office and my cubicle-mate told me that Brio Direct used to be called Sterling National. Sterling National is the bank that ripped off cab drivers and convinced them to pay $1 1/2 million for medallions in New York, Chicago and maybe some other cities. The entire thing was a scam that left these poor folks indebted to the bank for the last 7-8 years, until the City of New York (us, the taxpayers) came to bail everyone out earlier this year. Needless to say, I am closing my account. The moral of my story is know who you are facilitating and what kind of awful behavior they are engaged in. I won't bank with Chase and Citi and Goldman Sachs due to their oil and gas lending but now I can add these guys to list.

    Review on the Parent Bank

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