Bank of Montreal Harris

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Online Rates - April 18, 2024

Your current location is: Ashburn, VA

9 Mo CD
0.05% $5,000 Compare
12 Mo CD
2.00% $1,000 Compare
24 Mo CD
1.50% $5,000 Compare
48 Mo CD
4.50% $0 Compare
60 Mo CD
4.50% $0 Compare
Money Market
1.50% $100,000 Compare

Money that you deposit is held by BMO Bank National Association. BMO Bank National Association is an FDIC insured institution founded in 1947. It has approximately $265.66 billion in assets.

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General Information of the Parent Bank

FDIC Insured Yes
Insured Parent Bank BMO Bank National Association
FDIC Certificate # 16571
Date Established 1947
Assets $265.66 billion
Loans $146.14 billion
Deposits $206.60 billion
Capital $33.01 billion

Customer Reviews for Bank of Montreal Harris (3)

Rated 1.00 stars out of 5 - based on 3 reviews
  • They gave me the new, lower CD rate even though I had opened the account online when the CD rate was 0.15% higher. I checked with Wells and they had even initiated the transfer before they lowered the rate. I called CSR and the rep who seemed to be in Mississippi said "it goes both ways, you understand." Just trying to get my money back from these folks now. Don't ever do business with BMO Alto.

    Review on the Parent Bank
  • Terrible! Their bill pay does not always pay on time. I set payments for a certain date and they did not arrive on the “guaranteed” arrival date. We ended up with late fees for our credit card not once but twice! Their resolution department promised to cover the fees, but never did. They instead made excuses as to why the bill was not paid in time. I’ve pulled my money from this account and will tell everyone I know about my experience.

    Review on the Parent Bank
  • Terrible, their website does not work, they advertise rates that they will not actually give you. Keep in mind I have banked here my entire life. Never wanted to go to a larger bank, but maybe they won't have me feeling like I am being scammed.

    Review on the Parent Bank

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