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Online Rates - September 22, 2021

Your current location is: Connecticut, Fairfield

0.59% $25,000 Compare
12 Mo CD
0.67% $500 Compare
0.62% $500 Compare
18 Mo CD
0.70% $500 Compare
36 Mo CD
0.85% $500 Compare
60 Mo CD
1.00% $500 Compare

Money that you deposit is held by CFG Community Bank. CFG Community Bank is an FDIC insured institution founded in 1997. It has approximately $1.86 billion in assets.

Overview 2021

General Information of the Parent Bank

FDIC Insured Yes
Insured Parent Bank CFG Community Bank
FDIC Certificate # 34294
Date Established 1997
Assets $1.86 billion
Loans $1.35 billion
Deposits $1.63 billion
Capital $0.19 billion

Customer Reviews for CFG Bank (2)

Rated 3.50 stars out of 5 - based on 2 reviews
  • August 19, 2021 |

    It's nice to see smaller and obscure banks come online to offer rates just at or above what everybody else is giving. There is a catch especially when these same banks have low or no amount to buy in.
    What's going on is their website will collect all your banking and financial info then vanish. Maybe you will get a denial letter or maybe you will never hear from them again. You will get ghosted. You can call a customer service number they have listed on the portal and leave a whole bunch of messages. If you manage to speak to someone at a Philippine Island call center they will deny having your application.
    The banks are awash in cash. They don't want your money or you for that fact talking about buying a CD. It's the way things are with the Fed and Covid 19 tamping down the interest rates.
    Your sensitive financial info is worth more to these smaller obscure banks than your money is. They aren't loaning any money out anywhere in the country. In other words the banks aren't making any money. They will collect your info to use however they can.

  • June 21, 2021 |

    I've been a customer for a couple of years already, having jumped in back in 2019 when they started offering great rates on 2-year CDs online just after the Fed began cutting. Rates remain very competitive, even though rate environment has changed. Zero serious problems. I would prefer to be able to renew the CDs or change renewal terms online. Website could be more friendly and I do not feel 100% comfortable as to their web security processes. Phone support is super and seems to be provided by two women, both of whom give the impression that I am dealing with a small bank that knows me well.

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