Synchrony Bank

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Synchrony Bank ACH Number: 021213591

Online Rates - April 18, 2024

Your current location is: Ashburn, VA

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6 Mo CD
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9 Mo CD
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11 Mo CD
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60 Mo CD
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Money Market
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Money that you deposit is held by Synchrony Bank. Synchrony Bank is an FDIC insured institution founded in 1988. It has approximately $109.58 billion in assets.

Overview 2024

General Information of the Parent Bank

FDIC Insured Yes
Insured Parent Bank Synchrony Bank
FDIC Certificate # 27314
Date Established 1988
Assets $109.58 billion
Loans $87.88 billion
Deposits $83.52 billion
Capital $12.17 billion

Customer Reviews for Synchrony Bank (6)

Rated 2.50 stars out of 5 - based on 6 reviews
  • I can’t get a real live person ever! Don’t use them !

  • My card is frozen. I have never missed a payment. Customer service requires extensive ID which I have submitted, they can't find the auth code and I can't resubmit because it's in process. No one can tell me why my card is frozen!!

  • I have been banking with Synchrony for 7 years and am still amazed at how little they know about Banking 101! The eternal hold button works though! Will send letters looking for paperwork that was submitted at account opening stating we've tried to contact you????? No one tries anything at this bank.

    Review on the Parent Bank
  • This whole bit about delaying the transaction 3-4 days is really unacceptable. Should be illegal. It takes 2 seconds to run an ACH transfer. I've had accounts with Barclays, CIT, Marcus and all of the rest and the money is there the next day. I will wait my three days for my money from Synchrony, but once it is all out I am done.

    Review on the Parent Bank
  • Couldn't disagree more, Synchrony customer service has done a fine job for me , I have no complaints.

    Review on the Parent Bank
  • Just the worst customer service imaginable. Choose any other bank from this list and you will be happier.

    Review on the Parent Bank

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