Best Nationwide Online Certificate of Deposit Rates

Includes Online Banks, Local Banks and Credit Unions / Updated June 7, 2023

All rates listed are Annual Percentage Yield (APY).


12-Month Rates

18-Month Rates

  • 5.25% Online Rate
    18-Month CD - $500

    Early withdrawal penalty is 180 days interest.

    | May 22, 2023

    Your personal experiences OUTSIDE the bank shouldn't be the basis for your review of how the bank actually functions. More Reviews

  • 5.20% Online Rate
    18 Month Online CD - $100,000
  • 5.02% Online Rate
    18 Month Online CD - $25,000

    | May 30, 2023 |

    Thank you to this site for showing this CD rate. I could not find it on the three leading sites (Bankrate, BestCashCow or Nerdwallet). Heck, I couldn't even find it easily on CIBC's own website, but that... More Reviews

  • 5.00% Online Rate
    18 Month CD - $2,500

    | January 7, 2023 |

    Called and asked them to match rates offered through save better for a 15 year client since directly offered rates are no longer competitive. Received nasty response. My only regret now is that I need to c... More Reviews

  • 4.95% Online Rate
    18-Month CD - $1,000
  • 4.95% Online Rate
    18-Month CD - $25,000

    Warning: Early Withdrawal Penalty is 2% of the account balance.

  • 4.86% Online Rate
    18-Month CD - $1,000

    Early Withdrawal Penalty is 180 days.

  • 4.85% Online Rate
    18-Month - $10,000

    Early Withdrawal Penalty is 270 days interest.

  • 4.80% Online Rate
    18 Month CD - $0

    | November 9, 2021 |

    Higher rate but same old bank. Still engages in a process of not crediting deposits for two days after they are drawn. As a result, any transfers initiated after Wednesday will miss earning interest over t... More Reviews

  • 4.80% Online Rate
    18 Month CD - $0

    | August 1, 2022 |

    Hard to imagine how Ally got to be so bad, but 1 hour to speak with anyone on the phone is just not good business. It however is slightly better than my other bank which is CIT which hangs up on me. More Reviews

24-Month Rates

36-Month Rates

48-Month Rates

60-Month Rates

All rates listed above are Annual Percentage Yield (APY).

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